Corporate Chinese Course


 In our corporate chinese course, we focus on:

  building your employees' ease and confidence in speaking, reading and writing chinese.

  perfecting your employees' chinese intonation and pronounciation   corporate course
  customisable course.  
We are very priviledged to work with companies such as LG International Singapore Pte Ltd, Christian Dior Singapore Pte  Ltd, Ministry of Education Language Centre, and Singapore Tourism Board.  

We assure:

  high quality teachings  
  optimum value for your money.


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" I'd always wanted to learn to speak Chinese but I was scared to speak the wrong words and become (malu) (translated: embarassed). Finally I decided to learn how to speak Chinese and I want to thank ChineseClassesInSingapore who helped me achieve my goal! Xie xie (Thank you)! " 

-- Siti

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