Learning Chinese Language Can Be Easy! Speak Chinese Effortlessly in 3 Short Months!


Do you love the thought of being able to speak Chinese language? Love the thought of being able to speak, read and write Chinese easily and effortlessly?

Mandarin Chinese is one of the leading languages spoken all over the world. Many people had learnt and perfected their Chinese to entice their mandarin speaking business associates and increase their businesses. Others had perfected their Mandarin for various reasons.

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 Why Do You Want To Learn Chinese Language?

  Interest in the Chinese language?
Pleasantly surprise your friends with perfect Chinese greetings?
  To communicate better with your Chinese peers?
To improve your Chinese academic grades?
Going for a holiday to Chinese countries?
Venturing to Chinese countries for businesses?
Hoping to increase your job opportunities by being able to speak Chinese?

Whatever your reasons or desires for learning the chinese language, would you agree that having proper guidance such as a teacher-led program in a conducive classroom environment will definitely speed up your learning curve, and help you achieve your desires?

Are you looking for a good language school and a good and experienced chinese tutor to teach you Chinese Language?

Chinese Classes In Singapore can definitely help you.

Why Many People Fail To Learn Chinese Language? 

  General fear of the Chinese language.
Did not consistently practise the Chinese language.
  Did not attend class regularly due to schedule clashes.
Embarassed at tone mispronounciation, leading to very drastically different meaning.
Loss of interest due to difficulties or challenges faced while learning the language.
Not able to find a course that suits individual requirements and schedule.


We understand your worries.

Let Us Help You!

After 3 months with us, you will:

feel very comfortable and confident with the chinese language.
  love the chinese language.
  NOT feel that the chinese language is very hard to grasp, especially the pronounciation is very abstract.
NOT feel that the four tones (also called the hanyu pinyin) are driving you up the wall.
NOT need to worry about any tone mispronounication.


Chinese Classes in Singapore represents one of the leading chinese language schools in Singapore. We are centrally located and is about 10 minutes walk away from Novena MRT Station.


Why Is It Easier to Learn Chinese Language With Us? 

Our advantages:

  Chinese lessons at affordable prices and definitely value for money
Focus on your desire in learning the Chinese language and builds your foundation for the Chinese Language
Introduce insights and chinese language culture to increase your love for the Chinese language
Conducive, fun-filled and interactive classroom environment
Dynamic, inspiring and unique teaching system for our Mandarin group classes
Personalized quality-assured One-To-One lessons according to your learning preferences and individual needs
Friendly, professional and experienced natives teachers
Customised Mandarin lessons for French speakers, taught by French natives teachers
100% satisfaction guaranteed. Speak basic Mandarin in 3 short months

Since our establishment in Singapore back in 2006, hundreds in Singapore had mastered Mandarin with us. We hope you will be one of them. Contact Us now for a non-obligatory enquiry!


What Courses Do We Offer?

Here in Chinese Classes in Singapore, You Will Find Methods to Learn Chinese The Faster and Easier Way! 

We represent a very prestigious chinese language school that specializes in chinese lessons for individuals, groups, SMEs and large corporations. We are very priviledged to work with companies such as LG International Singapore Pte Ltd, Christian Dior Singapore Pte  Ltd, Ministry of Education Language Centre, and Singapore Tourism Board.

We assure:

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of our corporate course.

  high quality teachings

  optimum value for your money.

Our range of chinese lessons are especially catered to suit your various needs. Our chinese classes are suitable for all ages from children, students, young adults to working professionals, and even for retirees.


Conversational Chinese

Learn to speak chinese with great ease and confidence.

Surprise the people around you with perfect Chinese pronounciation.

Chinese greetings and daily dialogues will never be a problem for you anymore! Read More...

chinese greetings  


Academic Chinese

Learn to speak, read and write in chinese with great ease.

We welcome students from pre-schools, primary schools, secondary schools, polytechnics, up to junior colleges. Working professionals are greatly welcomed too! Read More...

academic chinese 

Business Chinese

Looking to bring your business ventures to China or Taiwan?

Learn how to initiate business proposals using business chinese language. Impress your potential clients and close the business deal effortlessly! Read More...

business chinese


In our exclusive private chinese lessons, we have 1-to-1 or private small group lessons. In our private chinese lessons, you can choose what you want to learn most in the chinese language, or simply just to focus on your weakness in any areas of the chinese language. Read More...

private chinese course

Chinese Lessons Details

 Course Hours per Lesson Number of Lessons Total Hours
 Academic 1 1.5 hours per week 12 lessons 18 hours
 Academic 2 1.5 hours per week 12 lessons 18 hours
 Beginner 1 1.5 hours per week 12 lessons 18 hours
 Beginner 2 1.5 hours per week 12 lessons 18 hours
 Intermediate 1 1.5 hours per week 12 lessons 18 hours
 Intermediate 2 1.5 hours per week 12 lessons 18 hours
 Advanced 1 1.5 hours per week 12 lessons 18 hours
 Advanced 2 1.5 hours per week 12 lessons 18 hours
 Registration Mon - Sat: 10.30 am to 7.30 pm
Sun: 1 pm to 7.30 pm
Closed on Public Holidays
 Class Size Minimum: 4 students
Maximum: 12 students
Private 1-to-1 coaching also available upon request.

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Our class size is limited! Register early to avoid disappointment!

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" I'd always wanted to learn to speak Chinese but I was scared to speak the wrong words and become (malu) (translated: embarassed). Finally I decided to learn how to speak Chinese and I want to thank ChineseClassesInSingapore who helped me achieve my goal! Xie xie (Thank you)! " 

-- Siti

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