How to Study Smart
   The Art of Process Learning


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Secret Formulas of A-star Students Finally Revealed!

Learn from the Experts and Reduce Your Study Stress!

Exams. Tests. Quizzes. Competition. Study stress! Exam terror! Mental blocks, mind blank...

Who has never went through the above during their education journey?


Why Are You Not Scoring As Well As You'd Want To?


(1) may have a weak foundation.

(2) is not be able to catch up in class.

(3) may not understand the various topics taught in class.

(4) may have a short attention span in class.

(5) is not putting in effort to revise and practise.

(6) may be facing time management issues.

(7) is full of careless mistakes during tests and exams.

(8) simply hates studying! 


Why Do You Want to Master Study Techniques?

Some common answers to this question are:

A: I want to catch up with my classmates.

A: I feel like I don't have enough time for studies. Extracurricular activities are taking up most of my time!

A: I have tuition but it is not helping me in my grades improvement.

A: There is too much competition in my class!

A: I fear that I can't have a bright future if I don't get good grades.

A: I want to study smart so I can learn things fast and use my time more effectively.

But, what exactly is your real reason?


Learn How to Study Smart Now!

Here, the study skills of A-star students will be revealed. Learn all their secret formulas of how to study smart. Apply these study techniques onto yourself and witness amazing results!

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Myth #1: Learn how to study smart so no need to study hard anymore

Many people have the mistaken notion that by mastering all the study smart techniques, they do not have to study hard anymore. This is absolutely not true. If you think this way too, then this website is not for you.

The actual benefits of study techniques are:

  accelerate your learning curve.

  increase your love and desire for learning and knowledge.

  improve your grades.

  brighten your future.

  reduce the pressure on yourself.

  reduce the stress on your parents.

  translate from study smart to work smart in your adult years.


Myth #2: A-star students are born smart. They have high IQ.

Not all A-star students are born smart. In reality, most of them are just your average boy or girl next-door. They just had been taught or had developed their own effective process learning skills.

For example, Chan Ubol tested her IQ to be 119, which is only slightly above average. Yet she was able to ace her school for her 'O' Levels and emerge the top 'O' level student and also as the top science student too! She was also able to graduate with a first class honor for her university and was the top student for her cohort. She attributed her academia success to her unique study techniques, the EXACT FORMULA that she shared in her various eBooks. Check out her eBooks here now!


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"Ever since Miss Chan shared her process learning strategies with Vijey, I could see an improvment in his attitude towards learning. He has become a lot more positive."  

- Murali, father of Vijey -

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